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Is Parenting Coaching right for you? Seeking support for parenting does not mean you have failed. In my experience often times it's the parents who are most attentive and loving that seek support. When we are emotionally involved it is hard to see clearly the direction to take in a matter or "problem". Taking a step back and having a conversation with a trusted professional can validate your own parenting solutions or offer insight into new techniques you may have not yet considered. Parenting can feel lonely. I hear mamas say, "They tell me it takes a village, but where is that village people talk about".  Parenting Coaching is just one avenue of support to help a frustrated, exhausted, and well meaning parent take back control. The goal is to help parents feel confident and equipped to tackle a stage or transition in their parenting journey. 

Is Parenting Coaching therapy?  In short, no it is not therapy. It is a more short-term solution-focused approach to solving an identified "problem". You do not enter a traditional therapeutic relationship through coaching services. 

Why chose coaching over therapy? Coaching is a short-term minimal commitment approach to receiving  individualized and catered support. 

Can a past or present therapy client become a coaching client? No, once you've entered a therapeutic relationship it is protected by a therapists' ethics and standards of care.


Can a coaching client become a therapy client? No, once you've established a relationship outside of therapy with a licensed psychotherapist it would be considered unethical. Referrals may be offered. 

Issues Parenting Coaching can help with: Reasons a parent may seek coaching are unique to each family. Often a parent seeks coaching for an in-depth discussion regarding one or a few obstacles they are facing with their little one. Some common concerns are: 

- Sibling Rivalry

- Peer Conflict

- Discipline Concerns

- Regressions (behavior & sleep)

- Adjustment (new home/sibling)

- Discussing Hard Topics (death / divorce / family cut-offs)

- Navigating Transitions 

- Listening

- Tantrums 

- Bath /Bedtime Struggles 

- Relationships to Food & Eating 

- Teachable Diversity Moments (homelessness / race / religion / gender)

- Agression Toward Peers (biting / hitting) 

- Sharing

- Discussing Body Boundaries / Body Safety 

- Introduction to Wearing a Mask 

- Preparing For Travel (with or without child)

How does coaching work? First book a free 20 - minute consultation to see if you are a good fit for parenting coaching. Some issues may require more than what coaching can offer and it's important you check in first. If your needs fit and I can help you, you will be sent an in-depth questionnaire.  The questionnaire must be returned one-week prior to the session to allow for preparation. Initial coaching sessions are 50-minutes in length, follow up sessions are 45-minutes. 

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